As every general knows, it is not possible to raise an army without money.

The Swiss Houptmann Thomas Lang knows this simple truth very well. To keep his troops
well-armed and fed is not easy particularly after the last year´s defeat from his opponent, the
Burgundian colonel Philipp de Gris. That situation needs an energetic action.
But the Burgundian colonel has the same problem too. The Duke Charles pays irregularly and
even if he pays, the money is not enough. And mercenaries have empty hands all the time.
Those who have some money want to keep them safe from soldiers of both sides. This is a
case of abbot of a local monastery, which is surrounded by Swiss and Burgundian armies. His
head is full of ideas about how to protect monastery treasure.
Another chapter of Rattenschwanz chronicles can began…

* * *

On Saturday 10 th August 2019, we will organize the ninth year of historical event battle
of Budyně in the city of Budyně nad Ohří. The event is open for visitors from 10 am to 6

Battle of Budyně

You can look forward not only to the battle which will be held twice a day (1pm and 4pm) but
also to program composed of medieval music, dances, crafts, training of Swiss infantry and
many other performances. Throughout all the day there will be a medieval market available.
For kids, we will prepare a trail of adventure and skills.

Battle of Budyně is organized by Rattenschwanz, z.s. with support of City of Budyně nad
Ohří and the Foundation of historical and culture heritage of Budyně nad Ohří region.

The event is limited to troops equipped for the second half of XV century. The number of re-
enactors in the camp and the battle itself is limited. Interested troops are required to contact
the organizers at organizacni@rattenschwanz.cz.

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