Bitva Budyně


Participation rules for the Bitva Budyne 2018

Based upon the experiences of the last events,   the following rules and conditions were specified:

Participants:    Only persons and groups who were invited by the organizers of the event and persons which come as guests of these groups are welcome. The hosts are responsible for costume,   equipment and behavior of their guests. Since we are dealing with a historical event,   the participants are obliged to adapt their clothing and armor to the late 15th century – although we allow a margin of several decennia. Accepted equipment range is about 1450-1500. Strictly forbidden are modern-,   SciFi-,   fantasy-,   and role-play stuff.

If intrerested, please, contact Jakub ( for English and German or Random ( for French and English.

Situation: The portrayed time is the year 1474,   the time the “Swiss-Burgundian wars” took place,   the place western Europe/Jura. Each participant has to fit into this time frame with costume,   equipment and camp gear. Questions to these points are welcome and will be answered immediately.

Costume and equipment: Must be suitable for the portrayed time. Illustrations can be found on the homepage of the Company of Saynte George under “costume guide”.

Modern items: Non-temporary dress,   equipment and other items are not welcome inside the visible area. If such items are inside a tent,   the tent has to been kept closed. Mobile phones and cigarettes are not medieval products. Therefore we ask that all smoking and phone calls are reduced to a minimum when in the presence of spectators. Please,   do so outside medieval area on designated places. We would like to preserve the historical image of the event and not let it degenerate into a caricature. For safety reasons we ask not to throw any cigarette buds on the terrain.


Medieval craftsmen and merchants are welcome to display and sell their wares on the market or in the encampment – with the exception of drinks and food products. No fee will be asked for putting up a stall and all profits are for foreign merchant or craftsman.

Hierarchy: The organizer and his aides and representatives have the authority to issue directives onto the rented area to participants and guests. Violations of safety and security rules or given orders can cause an eviction. We impersonate a military unit; so during the military service and camplife,   the officers and dizainiers are responsible and authorized to give orders. Participants,   who do not follow them,   may not participate in it.

Liability: Each participant is responsible to pay for damages he has caused; parents are liable for their children. Because of that,   we recommend a private liability insurance.

All rules and regulations are in effect throughout the event and can or may be adjusted according to the situation by one of the staff or a person of the organization. Breach of protocol may lead to warnings and banishment of the event entirely.



Castle/city “Budyne nad Ohri”,   situated in the north-western Czech Republic,   some 40 km from Prague.

GPS address: Mírové náměstí 1,   41118 Budyně nad Ohří,   Czech Republic

Loc: 50°24’17.12″N,   14°7’25.701″E


From 12 h. on Thursday,   09 August 2018. If an exception is needed, contact:

On arrival you will report to the organizers (by the kitchen ). A parking space and a camping zone will be allotted to you by one of our staff.

For early arrivals: There will be no re-enactment events on Thursday 09 August and Friday 10 August (during the day). The official beginning of the event for re-enactors will start by a general gathering on Friday,   6 p.m.

Friday is reserved for rehearsal of individual battle scenes for ths Saturday battle as well as a general rehearsal for all participants. Those, who want to participate in the battle, are requested to take part in the Friday rehearsal!!!

A short rehearsal will be organized on Saturday morning as well – immediately after the morning gathering of all participants.


On Saturday,   11 August,   there will be full-day activities including the battle from 4 p.m. Sunday 12 August will be reserved for medieval activities of troops up to noon at will. In the afternoon,  departures may start.


Cars and parking

The terrain is only accessible for emergency vehicles such as ambulances,   fire trucks and police vehicles.

Only upon arrival (up to Friday 18pm)  and departure (from Sunday 2pm at the earliest) you will be permitted to approach the terrain by car to unload/upload your equipment. One of our staff will assist you with this.

All vehicles belonging to the participants must be parked on the parking places outside the castle area. Parking for participants is provided near the castle.


The Swiss and Burgundian encampment and the battle will take place on and under the castle ramparts within a short walking distance (50m) from each other.

For those who cannot take their medieval tent with them,   we offer the indoor sleeping under the roof of historical granary within the castle area. Take your air mattresses and sleeping bags. As the open fire is strictly prohibited there,   any kind of electric light will be useful there.


On the castle court you will find a building with toilets for the participants. There should be more cabins which you can use free of charge outside the castle area as well.

Urinating in public is punishable by law and will result in fines.


Under discussion, details will be communicated to participants at the first muster.

Firewood and straw

As we will cook for everybody,   only a limited number of campfires are allowed. There will be enough firewood available at the allotted locations. Campfires must always be attended by someone from a company. Ensure a fire free zone around your campfire. Always consult one of our staff before building a campfire.

Straw will only be available to fill sleeping bags which must be filled at the allotted location. No bales of straw may be taken to the encampments.

After the event,   all companies are asked to dispose of all remaining straw and wood in the appropriate containers.


Each company is responsible for the cleanliness of its own camp. There will be ample containers and waste bins throughout the terrain.

When breaking up your camp,   please check for thoroughly for remaining garbage. Before you leave,   all camps will be checked by a person from the organisation team.

Food and drink

The organizer will cook medieval food for everybody. Who cannot accept this for any reason,   brings its own provisions. Should the need arise there are some shops open during the weekend in the city.

If you cannot eat our food (special dietary needs/vegetarian/etc.),   please let us know it in advance.

Clear drinking water will be provided throughout the encampment free of charge.

First aid

Every company must have their own first aid kit. Please consult your local pharmacy on how to assemble a basic first aid kit and ask for specialized gear as you see fit.

Participants who have had first aid training may present themselves at the information tent upon arrival.

During the battle time on Saturday an ambulance/first aid post will be present at the event.

After consulting the first aid crew,   the following hospital may be contacted for serious injuries:

Podripska Nemocnice,   (13 min)

Alej 17. listopadu,

41301 Roudnice nad Labem

Mestska   nemocnice (23 min)

Žitenická 1365/18,

412 01 Litoměřice-Předměstí


The encampment is open for the spectators between 10.00 am and 6.00 pm. During the day each company will keep watch over their own encampment. During the battle 12 August the encampment will remain open to the public. Every company or group of companies in a camp is tasked with the appointment of at least one person to guard their equipment during these times.


Dogs are permitted on the terrain if:

–       The animal is kept on a leash at all times

–       The animal is not skittish (keep in mind the gunpowder weapons)

–       The animal is calm and quiet at night

–       The animal is trained and obeys the commands of the owner at all times

The owner must always clean up after the animal.


All participants and companies must have the following:

–       Active and adequate insurance which must be presented on demand at all times

–       no person without a helmet will be allowed to the battle

–       Individuals prone to hand to hand combat must wear an appropriate torso protection and gloves made of sturdy leather,   reinforced with steel rings or plate armor as well

–       Women should be dressed and equipped to be undistinguishable from man (including bowman, gunners etc.).

Every company must have a commander. The commander is responsible for his or her company. The commander must ensure that every member of his or her company is fit for battle (i.e. adequately trained,   not under influence of drugs or alcohol,   etc…).

All commands of the Captains must be obeyed at all times.

During the battle,   never hit too hard,   especially for the head or not enough armed body parts. Safety and fair play above all.

Every person that wishes to participate in the battle must attend the general rehearsal on Friday and Saturday.

Name,   company and weapon of choice will be noted. The weapon and equipment will be checked at the same time as the enlistment.

Melee weapons

All weapons of choice will be inspected and checked for the following:

–        craftsmanship

–        sharpness and safety

–        maintenance and condition

If the weapon fails to pass the inspection,   it may not be used during the coming battle and the participant must find another weapon.

Any use of forbidden or rejected weapons on the battlefield will result in banishment from the event entirely.

Firearms and gunpowder

All firearms must be accompanied by the needed legal documents. These documents must be shown to the organizer at the encampment and during the weapons check at the general rehearsal. The Captain will check the weapon,   the documents and the storage of the gunpowder. You will get the black powder (if you mentioned the weapon in the inscription form). The Captain has the right to reject any weapon from the battlefield or the event entirely.

Due to the great risks involved when using firearms and gunpowder,   the following rules are also applied:

–        the weapons may only be used on the battlefield

–        the weapons may only be fired on command of the Captain

–        Irresponsible use of firearms and/or gunpowder will result in banishment from the event entirely.


Bows and crossbows

Battle Shooting Rules

  1. Only English longbows made of wood are allowed.
  2. Draw weight should not excess 35 pounds – will be      checked prior the battle. The space for battlefield is restricted,  for it we chose this limitation for      safety.
  3. During the battles only blunt arrows may be used.      Foreign participants will be supplied by arrows.
  4. Shot are always fired at an angle of 45 degrees.      No aimed shots will be fired on a battlefield.
  5. General clothing and equipment rules      are valid. Woman participating as longbowman should be dressed and      equipped in the way to be undistinguishable from man.
  6. Archers will be part of Budgundian army. If you      have Burgundian livery,  take it      with you,  please.


Archery Tournament Shooting Rules

An archery tournament will take place on Sunday 11th August in the morning (to be specified).

  1. Only traditional      bows made of wood without shooting window are allowed. No sighting aids      are allowed.
  2. All arrows and      bolts shall be made of wood with feather fletchings. Arrows with plastic      nocks are permissible. There will be 5 bonus points for carrying and using      only self-nocked arrows with spirally whipped fletchings. You do not      qualify for this bonus if you carry any arrows that are not self-nocked      with spirally whipped fletchings unless they have been lost by another      archer and recovered by you. Please ask your target captain to record this      bonus during the shoot.
  3. Participant      should have minimum 6 arrows.
  4. Shooting      distances will be approx. 15-20m. Disciplines will be described before the      event.
  5. Points: Zone 1:2      points, zone 2:1 point

By your participation you accept the rules and regulations stated above.